Bumble No Longer Require Women To Make The First Move

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Dating app Bumble will no longer require women to make the first move

What was once hailed as an innovative approach to online dating, empowering women to take control of their messages, has now shifted gears, potentially altering the dynamics of the app.

  • Women in Bumble no longer have to send the first message before guys can respond.
  • Women can set automated “Opening moves” for men to answer making it impersonal or lacking in genuine effort.
  • Men are now expected to do everything again.

Here’s what’s changed:

Previously, women were required to initiate conversations, ensuring that the initial interaction was driven by their choice and effort.

  • Automated Initiatives: Women on Bumble now have the option to set up automated prompts for men to respond to, which some argue strips the interaction of personal touch and genuine effort.
  • Role Reversal: The burden seems to have shifted back to men, who are now expected to shoulder the entire responsibility of initiating conversations once again.

Now, with the introduction of automated “Opening Moves,” women can set prompts for men to respond to, potentially creating a more robotic and less personal interaction.

For men, this change may feel like responding to a chatbot rather than engaging with a real person, which could undermine the authenticity and appeal of the platform.

This move seems to contradict Bumble’s original feminist ethos, founded by a woman to give women control over their dating experience.

However, the shift suggests that women may not be as interested in taking the lead as initially thought.

Complaints from women indicate that many find the expectation of making the first move to be burdensome, exhausting, and too much effort. This raises questions about the true nature of equality in dating dynamics.

Bumble’s women-first feature actually weeds out women who don’t make an effort. Now they’re scrubbing that feature out.

So these women haven’t realized what men have been going through for years? If it’s too much work, it’s for men too. Why not share the burden?

As a guy, I’m not thrilled by this. I always liked that women had to initiate conversation first. Because in doing so, women are showing at least an effort. At least there’s a slight interest to further the conversation, to reach out.

What Could Bumble Do Better?

  • Extend the Match Expiry Time: Increasing the time limit for initiating a conversation from 24 to 48 hours could alleviate pressure and flexibility
  • Clear Communication: A continuous and clear reminder to women about the importance of making the first move could help set the right expectations.
  • Focus on In-App Interaction: Removing the option to link social media profiles might encourage users to engage more directly within the app itself. Either you guys talk on Bumble or exchange numbers or get each other’s socials after talking. Don’t engage with women who are just after promoting their instas.

Advice for Men in the New Bumble Era:

Ultimately, while Bumble’s shift may require some adjustment, it shouldn’t discourage men from using the app. It can still be a valuable tool to meet women, albeit with a different dynamic.

  • Navigating Automated Messages: If you encounter what seems like an automated message, respond with a generic “hi” or “hey”. Encourage genuine effort by not over-investing in these initial exchanges.
  • Encourage Authentic Engagement: Consider requesting for women to mention your name in their message to demonstrate that they have genuine interest.
  • Patience Pays Off: It’s okay to wait for a woman who shows a willingness to engage meaningfully. This can be a good indicator of their interest and effort.
  • Expand Your Horizons: Don’t rely solely on dating apps. Meeting people in everyday situations like coffee shops, parks, and office buildings can offer immediate feedback and the opportunity to practice social skills.

Stepping out into the real world to meet women in person remains a viable option, requiring its own set of skills but offering a more immediate sense of connection.

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