Learn how to talk to women - A begginers guide for inexperienced men with little to no dating experience to meet date and hookup with the ladies

Listed are the comprehensive steps needed for an average guy to get to talk to women.

If you are a man with little to no experience with women and dating, this one is for you.

Or maybe you’ve had a few experiences under your belt but still feel unsure or want to improve your approach, these steps can help you build on what you’ve learned and become more confident in meeting women.

The Dating Ladder

Preparation Before Approaching Women

How To Approach Women

Where To Approach Women

How To Meet Women

What To Do After Approaching Women

How To Attract Women

Getting Rejected

The Friendzone & The Nice Guy

Before Dating Women

Texting Women

Dating Women

The Seduction Ladder

Online Dating


Mindsets & Beliefs


Unlock the Strategies