How To Meet Girls At The Grocery Store

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how to meet girls at the grocery store

So there you are, browsing the cereal aisle. You’re about to pick up some Honey Nut Cheerios when your eye caught this lovely-looking brunette grabbing some Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

You try to look away, but you can’t help going for a glimpse of her. She has the right amount of curves to make any man go gaga.

What do you do? Do you put down your cereal on your cart and walk away? Do you follow her around the store like a creepy stalker? Or do you walk up to her and start a conversation?

That’s right – the next girl you bump carts with could be your next girlfriend. So, how can you make the most of your grocery store visits and increase your chances of meeting girls?

By this article’s end, you will know step by step how to meet and talk to women at the grocery store. And the exact lines that you can say to engage these girls in conversation.

Why Grocery Shopping Can Be a Great Way To Meet Women

The grocery store might be one of many places that come to mind when you consider meeting women. Still, there are several reasons it can be a great place to start a conversation with someone new.

You’ll find women with common interests as you.

People visit the grocery store for various reasons. To buy food, household items, baked goods, and sometimes even flowers or gifts.

This means you’re likely to encounter people with similar interests and values.

For example, suppose you’re shopping for some chips. In that case, you might talk with someone in that same aisle. You could ask if they tried that specific brand of chips.

The store has a casual atmosphere.

Unlike a bar or nightclub, the grocery store is a more casual environment. It’s a low-pressure, relaxed environment. People are more relaxed and open to conversation. There’s no pressure to impress anyone or put on a show. This makes it easier to approach someone and strike up a conversation.

Women might not outright reject you.

Women can easily walk away if you approach a girl at the club. But women at the grocery store might be more receptive to a conversation.

Their guards are not up. They’re just there to pick up some stuff. And if you’re friendly. They’ll give you a chance to introduce yourself and talk about yourself.

You’ll have more opportunities.

Think about it. How many people do you come into contact with on a typical trip to the grocery store?

You could run into dozens of women depending on the time of day and the store size. This gives you a bigger pool of potential partners to talk to.

You might even run into the same woman many times. Grocery shopping is a common task that people do regularly. This can make initiating a conversation easier and getting to know someone over time. Familiarity is good.

You won’t run into distractions.

There are many distractions in a club. Loud music, flashing lights, etc. But at the grocery store? There’s none of those. You can focus on the conversation.

How to Approach a Woman at the Grocery Store

how to talk to women at the grocery store

Do you want to meet girls? You can do that at the grocery store. It is a nice place to talk to people. When you buy food, look around for girls you like. Say hello and ask them something. Maybe they will like you too. You never know – you might find a girlfriend there!

How To Approach Girls At The Grocery Store

1. Assess the situation.

There are a lot of factors that you need to consider when you try approaching women at the grocery store.

Is she alone? Is she with someone else? Do you think she’s in a rush and just there to grab a stuff or two? Does she have earphones on?

Of course, the easiest girls to approach are those who are doing their shopping on their own. You won’t get disturbed when you try to talk to her.

If she has a cart with lots of items, she’ll unlikely to walk away from the conversation.

2. Don’t make her uncomfortable.

Don’t get weird by lingering around.

Women can sense if you want to approach them. They know. So the more you linger around, the more unconfident you become in her eyes.

If you’re trying to assess the situation, get close but not too close.

If you’re kind of nervous and still thinking about what to say. Back away for a minute. You might meet her again in another aisle or even while checking out. But I advise you, to get in immediately or go home. the longer you wait, the more nervous you will get.

3. Break the ice with her

Some ways to strike up a dialogue with a woman in a grocery store is by commenting or asking anything about what she’s buying.

“Have you tried this before?” – You can ask an opinion about a product you’re willing to try.

“Is that good? Delicious?” – Pointing to a product in her cart.

“What do you usually get?” – When staring at an option of products.

Now the point of the opener is to just strike up a conversation. You need to move away from that conversation fast.

But if she gives an opinion or has a great reply, stick with it for a while.

4. Move the conversation.

First, tell her a constraint to lower her guard. You could say, that you’re in a hurry, or you have to get back to your groceries.

Then introduce yourself. A handshake would be nice.

If she’s engaging then good. Less work for you. Find out if she can be free later, or if not get her number.

If she’s not so engaging. Maybe you could try a little harder. You could ask what she’s making with the food on her cart. Does she have a favorite ice cream? Make her say an opinion. Then tell her why you’re asking, just so you could have a reason to talk to her rather than just hitting up on her.

If she starts walking away and seems not interested, it’s okay. There are plenty more women that you can have a chance with.

There are many ways to engage women in a chat. The simplest is the direct approach. Tell a girl that you find her interesting and would like to introduce yourself. Click the link if you want to know more about it

4. Get Her Digits or Set Up a Hangout

Let’s say she’s talking to you. She’s having a great time. You’re having a great time. Should you cut it?

Ask, “Hey, I’m probably taking up you’re time, maybe I should let you go.” If she says you’re good then maybe you can ask her to get coffee later. “I still haven’t had breakfast? How about you? Maybe we could get some brunch.”

And if she’s a little busy doing her groceries, but gave you much attention, get her number. She’ll probably want to hear again from you.

“Hey, let me grab your number real quick.” It’s a simple line but it gets the job done.

What Are The Common Mistakes Men Make When Talking To Women At The Grocery Store

Following her around

I’ve been there. I spot a gorgeous girl down the aisle. I can’t help but look at stare.

Talking to her is already out of the picture. My mind already went blank. But my legs are moving on their own.

What’s worse is if you already got rejected and still tail her around. Don’t make these mistakes.

If you find yourself in this position, it’s okay. But take a step back. Relax. You can try to talk to her later if you see her again. But stop acting like a creep.

Not timing your approach.

There are many attractive women at the grocery store. Let’s say you get to approach one lovely lady. You got her number. But then you meet her again on another aisle. What do you do?

So maybe, spend time a little on timing when you approach. Maybe when she’s lining up at the counter. Or when you’re about done. Do this to avoid awkward instances.

Lines You Could Use To Talk To Women At The Grocery Store

If you want sureproof lines that could start a conversation with a woman at the grocery store, then here are some that you could try.

  • “Have you tried this one yet?”
  • “Which one is your favorite?”
  • “Hey, I’m terrible at picking out the good ones from the bad ones. Can you help me?” – When talking about organic goods.
  • “Which one do you think tastes better?”
  • When she’s looking at which product to pick, give her some recommendations.
  • “Egg-celent choice!” – When she has a bag of eggs in her basket.

Remember that these are just openers. You should move from these topics immediately.

Try It Now

Meeting women at the grocery store is just one possibility. You could even meet women at the coffee shop. Here’s how: How to Talk to Girls At A Coffee Shop


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