Avoid These Common Mistakes Men Make When Trying to Impress Women

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Mistakes Men Make and should Avoid While Trying To Impress Women

So, you’re interested in this girl and want her to feel the same way about you, right?

You might think the best approach is to paint yourself as the perfect guy, the kind of man women dream about.

But sometimes, men can overcompensate and go overboard in their attempts to impress.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a woman to be attracted to you. The issue arises when men try to convince women to like them. They try so much that they fail.

I remember a scene from the movie “Superbad” that perfectly illustrates this point.

In the film, the characters Seth and Evan, played by Jonah Hill and Michael Cera, try to impress their crushes by promising to buy alcohol for a party.

They even get a fake ID for their friend Fogell, who then adopts the infamous alias “McLovin.”

Now, ask yourself: Are you trying too hard to impress women?  Are you pulling a “Superbad”? Are you making grand gestures or promises to impress her?

Everyone has their own set of pet peeves. These are not one of those. Generally, these are the no-goes.

If you’re a regular cool guy and do not do these things, then you definitely have a shot at her.

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How Not To Impress Women

You might be making these mistakes without even realizing it. But don’t worry, consider this your friendly reminder on what not to do. Let’s dive in!

Stop bragging.

When a guy is bragging, women can see right through it. It’s like waving a big sign that says, ‘I’m insecure!’ or ‘I need validation!’

It can seem like you’re trying to compensate for something. And let’s be honest, that’s not a good look. You don’t want that look.

For instance, someone might say, “I just got the newest, top-of-the-line pickup truck. It’s an absolute beast.

I even heard a guy in a club tell a girl, “I’ve had more exes than I can count. They were all crazy, though.”

Bragging is when someone can’t stop talking about ‘how great they are.’ It often comes off as them trying too hard.

As a kid, I heard a lot like this from my playmates. They have the best toys or the latest console and won’t let you borrow them. But as an adult, you don’t want to hear this shit.

Bragging can take many forms. It could be about your looks, job, wealth, or past romantic conquests.

You might think that showing off your flashy car or expensive watch will impress her, but it often has the opposite effect.

Instead of bragging, try sharing. Talk about your passions, your hobbies, or exciting experiences you’ve had.

This approach will create a real connection and leave a positive impression. Remember, confidence is silent. Insecurities are loud.

Avoid being the nice guy.

So, you’re the nice guy. You’re always there for her, ready to show how much you care.

But here’s the thing: showing jealousy or trying to convince her that you’re the one she should choose because you care for her?

That’s not cool. It just shows your insecurities. And trust me, insecurities aren’t attractive.

And those sweet favors and gifts you’re always giving her? They might not work the way you think they do.

Sure, a thoughtful gift or favor here and there is nice, but if you’re constantly showering her with them, it can come off as trying too hard.

Now, let’s talk about being overbearing. You might think that texting her all day, every day shows her how much you think about her.

But in reality, it can make you seem needy and clingy. And that can be a major turn-off. It might even come off as toxic.

So, what’s the alternative? Be genuine. Show interest in her as a person, not as a prize to be won.

Respect her space and her independence. Remember, a healthy relationship is about two individuals coming together, not one person losing themselves in the other. That’s the way to go.

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Don’t be the creep.

When you see a girl you’re type, maybe thinking she could be your girlfriend or someone you’d like to get closer to, it’s vital to play it cool.

Rushing into overly sexual gestures right off the bat won’t win you any points. And let’s face it, there are some major no-nos.

Dick pics? Big no. What? You’re trying to prove to her that you have a big dick and you can satisfy her? She might get curious, but impressed?

Sending around porn like it’s your thing? Nope. Starting off conversations in an overly sexual way? Not the best move.

You want her to sleep with you, right? But making her think that you’re only after a hookup will just make her say no.

She might hesitate or decline if she feels like you’re solely interested in a casual hookup. It’s important to avoid giving the impression that you’re just after one thing, making her feel like she’s merely a conquest.

It’s okay to get a little flirty to bring a bit of spice into the conversation. But it’s all about timing.

Gauge her vibe and dial it back pronto if she’s not feeling it. What works better is taking the time to actually get to know her.

Spend some quality time together, have a date or two, and find what you both enjoy.

You might want to test the waters with a playful, flirty comment. If she responds positively, then, hey, you’ve got the green light to proceed a bit more. But always, always, pay attention to her reaction.

Remember, it’s not about suppressing your personality, but rather about respecting her boundaries and being smooth with your actions.

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Ditch the Alpha Male Act.

You know that scene that always pops up in movies? The one where the ex-boyfriend gets aggressive with other guys, puffing up his chest and saying, “Stay out of my girl’s life.” Yeah, that one.

It’s a classic trope, but it happens in real life, too.

Acting tough or bullying others doesn’t make you look strong. It just makes you look mean. And always trying to take the lead, putting a woman’s opinion behind yours? That’s not cool.

Here’s the thing: trying to be the “manly man” or declaring yourself as an “Alpha male” or “high value” doesn’t impress women. It just makes you look like you’re trying too hard.

Remember, being a real man isn’t about being the toughest or the loudest in the room. It’s about being respectful, listening to others, and treating people with kindness.

And here’s a pro tip: Instead of trying to be the “Alpha,” strive to be a leader among men.

Give value to those around you, and uplift others instead of putting them down.

When you do this, you will earn the respect of other men, and women will also notice.

They’ll see a confident, generous, and genuinely likable man. Now, that’s a man worth being attracted to.

Avoid the monologue.

So, you’re passionate about your hobbies and interests. That’s great! But remember, just because you’re into something doesn’t mean she is too.

Maybe you’re a whiz at coding, or maybe you’re an avid hiker, and you’ve recently conquered a particularly challenging trail. That’s awesome!

Maybe that’s impressive for you. But for her?

So, before you dive into a monologue about your latest hobby, take a step back.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing what you’re into. But don’t make all the conversation about it.

Share various stories about yourself and not just a topic or two. It shows you’ve got stuff going on in your life besides trying to impress her.

Ask her about her interests. Get to know her. Make her feel comfortable sharing with you.

You might find that you have common interests or learn something new. Either way, it’s a win. Remember, a conversation is a two-way street. Keep it balanced.

Wrap Up

You’re already ahead of the game by steering clear of these common missteps.

Remember, it’s not about convincing women that you’re awesome. It’s not about passing some test. It’s about showing them.

Crack a joke, laugh, and let them see they can have a good time with you.

Change the way you think. It’s not about whether she likes you, but whether you want her.

Don’t be the guy who’s always chasing. Be the guy who’s chased.

It’s about seeing if you two click. Instead of thinking, “What can I do for her to like me?” ask yourself, “Is she a good fit for me?”

Don’t focus on how much you can prove that you’re into her. Instead, be the exciting guy that everyone wants to know.

Trying too hard to impress can often lead to the opposite effect. Remember, the best impressions are usually made when you’re not even trying.

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