How Do You Approach A Girl From Behind

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how to talk to women from behind

Approaching someone from behind can be a tricky situation, especially when it comes to approaching a girl, you’re interested in.

Have you ever seen an attractive woman walking in the opposite direction? She was so stunning that you were left motionless, unable to walk.

Now, as she continues to walk away, she’s 10 meters from you. Realizing that you’ll never see her again, the opportunity to speak with her is gone forever.

How do you make a good impression without coming off as creepy? What’s the best way to approach her without making her feel uncomfortable?

To approach women from behind, either walk past them or alongside them. Use your voice to speak confidently and clearly. Do it in a safe, public setting, maintain personal space and have a friendly vibe to avoid rejection.

In this article, we’ll explore some tips and strategies for approaching a girl from behind in a respectful and friendly manner.

Whether you’re looking to start a conversation or simply get her attention, understanding the dynamics of approaching from behind can make all the difference. Let’s dive in and learn how to approach a girl from behind with confidence and respect.

How To Approach Women From Behind

1. Check your surroundings

Women often face harassment, from catcallers to unsettling stares from bystanders.

To avoid being perceived as a “threat”, it’s crucial to be mindful of your approach.

Consider how she might feel if you find yourself walking behind a woman. To reduce the likelihood of being seen as a potential harasser, be aware of your surroundings.

In a busy public area with plenty of people around, she’s likely to feel more at ease. This could be a business district or a park, where approaching her may be more acceptable.

However, she may be on high alert if it’s late at night, the streets are deserted, or you’re in a dimly lit parking lot. Following her for even a few minutes in such scenarios could cause alarm.

To avoid making her uncomfortable, it’s crucial first to assess the situation.

If the environment feels safe and public, her defenses may be lower. But in isolated or dimly lit, it’s best to maintain distance to avoid causing any fear. Now, we got ways on how to diffuse this situation. Read on.

2. Avoid touching her

In our previous discussion, we discussed the importance of being aware of your surroundings, especially in dimly lit areas with few people around.

One key point was not to follow a woman in a way that might seem threatening.

Another crucial aspect is to avoid any physical contact. Even if your intentions are good, surprising her with an unexpected touch is not a good idea.

While friends might playfully cover each other’s eyes, but such actions like that aren’t suitable from a stranger.

Of course, that’s just an example but some men try to grab women’s shoulder. Not just shoulder but other parts of her body that they have no permission to. You might think a gentle tap on the shoulder is harmless, but it’s safer to be cautious.

To increase the chances of a positive interaction, it’s best to avoid touching her altogether.

Instead, you have three alternatives: either walk at a pace that brings you alongside or in front of her or use your voice to politely get her attention. In the following steps, we’ll explore how to do this effectively.

3. Walk past her

To avoid approaching a woman from behind, consider walking past her or alongside her.

However, while doing so, avoid staring at her or checking her out in a creepy way. Instead, look elsewhere. Women can tell if you’re only interested in “something.”

If she’s walking past you, turn around and walk a bit faster. Do so without appearing to chase her. Your goal is to be walking alongside her or be in front of her. Maintain a distance where you think it’s comfortable for her.

If you now find yourself walking ahead of her, turn her and speak with. This way, she’s behind you, and you’re not invading her space.

Alternatively, you can stay beside her and talk, keeping a safe distance, like a meter or two to make her feel secure.

4. Use your voice

Your voice is a powerful tool.

If you’re approaching her from behind, she may not notice you or even ignore you. By slightly raising your voice, you can ensure she hears you without being overbearing. Just enough volume will capture her attention.

The is the same when approaching from the side. Speak clearly and confidently and with a smile.

Remember, a smile can influence the tone of your voice. Try this exercise: say ‘hi’ while angry, then with a smile. Notice the difference?

When greeting her, project your voice warmly and smile. Combine this with positive body language, like a friendly wave, to appear approachable.

5. Prepare your opener

Before approaching women, it’s wise to have a few conversation starters ready. This preparation allows you to act confidently when the opportunity arises.

Consider what opener would suit this scenario. If you’re unsure, here’s one to try: “Hey, sorry, I’m a bit lost. Actually, I’m trying to find a way to ask you out on a date.” Deliver this with a smile.

Her response may vary; she might smile back or not. If she seems open, introduce yourself. Engage in light conversation, and then get her number.

Wrap Up

When approaching women from behind try to do it in public and well-lit spot, so they feel safe and comfortable. Avoid any physical contact, as unexpected touching can be startling and is often unwelcome.

Instead of following directly behind, try walking past or beside the person, ensuring you maintain a respectful distance.

Your voice can be really powerful here, so use it to speak clearly and confidently, without being too loud.

It’s also a good idea to have a few conversation starters ready, so you can chat comfortably when the moment feels right.

By respecting their personal space and being aware of their comfort, you create a positive environment for both of you.

If they seem open to it, introduce yourself and chat a bit. If not, it’s important to accept their response gracefully and give them space.

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