What Does It Mean & How To Respond When A Girl Says “I Have A Boyfriend”

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what to do when she says she has a boyfriend

Picture this: You’re at a club, and you find yourself dancing with a girl You’re in the zone and you feel a connection. You think, “Hey, why not see if this could go somewhere?”

So you lean in, muster up your courage, and ask for her number. But then, she hits you with the “I have a boyfriend.”

Boom! What now? Just like that, you’re left standing there, wondering what your next move should be.

When a girl says she has a boyfriend, find out more to understand her intent. It could be true, a polite rejection, seeking attention, or a test. Proceed cautiously based on her response. If rejected and she has a boyfriend, accept it graciously. If she’s dismissive or insulting, it’s okay to walk away.

Or how about this one: You’re at a house party, you strike up a conversation with a girl, and it’s like you’re finishing each other’s sentences.

You exchange numbers, and you’re already planning the first date in your head.

But when you pop the question about going out, she casually mentions she needs to “check with her boyfriend.” What a letdown, right?

And here’s the kicker, the one that really throws you for a loop: You’re swiping away on a dating app, and you match with someone who seems perfect.

You chat, you laugh, and you’re thinking, “This is it, this could be the real deal.”

A couple of days in, and you’re ready to take the plunge and meet up. But then, out of the blue, she confides in you with a “secret” – she’s got a boyfriend. Now, that’s a curveball that leaves you questioning everything.

So, why do women actually tell you that they have a boyfriend? Here are a couple of things for you to think about. Additionally, let’s also discuss what to say or do when faced with the “I have a boyfriend” scenario.

What It Means When She Says She Has a Boyfriend?

What It Means When She Says She Has a Boyfriend

Often, when women say, “I have a boyfriend,” they might be trying to put you off because they’re not interested or they see you as below their level.

It doesn’t necessarily mean they actually have a boyfriend; they could be single. Let’s delve into this more when a woman says she has a boyfriend.

When she says she has a boyfriend, it could mean she’s in a committed relationship. Alternatively, she might not be very interested, or she enjoys the attention and wants to play games. It could also be a default rejection to filter out less experienced guys. Sometimes, she might have a boyfriend but is open to exploring further.

She actually has a boyfriend

When a woman tells you she has a boyfriend, it’s crucial to take a step back and consider the possibility that she’s telling the truth. She could very well be in a committed relationship.

Picture this: she’s been with her partner for a significant amount of time, be it a year or several months, and things between them are stable. They’ve built a connection that’s strong and secure.

In such a case, she’s content, she’s in a safe space, and she’s comfortable where she is. She has someone who’s already a constant in her life. There’s no room for debate here.

She’s not engaging with you to play mind games or to make you chase after her. She’s not interested in playing hard to get.

The simple truth is, she’s not on the market. Her loyalty lies with her boyfriend, and she’s upfront with you because she respects both her relationship and your time.

Understanding this, it’s important to respect her position and move forward. It’s a sign of maturity to acknowledge her boundaries and to not take her words as a challenge to be overcome.

Don’t let rejection go over your head. Here are the signs she’s actually saying no to your advances: What Are The Signs Of Rejection?

She’s not THAT interested

When a lady mentions she has a boyfriend, sometimes it’s not just about her being in a relationship—it’s about her interest level.

If she’s not showing enthusiasm or engaging in conversation, it might be her way of saying she’s not captivated by what you’re offering. It’s not a reflection of her dating status, but rather her interest in you.

Consider this: she perceives you as someone who doesn’t align with her expectations or desires. It’s not about you trying to win her over; it’s about the value she sees in the interaction.

If she’s brushing you off by mentioning a boyfriend, she’s likely not seeing the qualities in you that resonate with her standards. In her eyes, you might not be matching up to the league she considers herself a part of.

Now, this isn’t about playing the blame game or feeling down about yourself. It’s a wake-up call to step up your game.

If she’s dismissing you early on, take it as a sign to reflect on how you present yourself and interact with others.

The real issue isn’t her relationship status—it’s about how you can improve your approach to be more appealing and authentic. Work on your charm, humor, sociability, and other else that would make you more attractive.

If you sense a girl is trying to halt your advances, consider these thoughts on how to handle the situation when she appears to be rejecting you. What To Do When A Woman Rejects You

She likes the attention

Sometimes when a woman quickly says she has a boyfriend, she might not be telling the truth. Instead, she could be enjoying the attention.

She’s the type who relishes the chase and enjoys seeing you put in the effort.

She likes to see you try harder and is interested in how much effort you’re willing to put in. She wants to see just how far you’re willing to go for her affection and attention.

Think of it as a test. Yes, a test to see if you’re really into her and ready to put in the work for her love and attention.

Some women do this, especially when they’re younger and have the time to play these games.

So, if you meet a girl who seems to be testing you, she’s probably checking to see if you want to play her game.

If you find yourself in the crosshairs of one of these ladies, she’s likely sizing you up, putting you through the paces to see how long you can stand it.

But let’s say you’re up for the challenge. If you have the time and energy, you can choose to keep pursuing her.

Just remember, it’s a game that you might win or lose. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth your time.

She’s screening

Attractive women receive an overwhelming amount of attention. It’s not just the so-called ‘beautiful’ ones; even women who might be considered average are inundated with messages on dating platforms.

It’s like a non-stop parade of admirers. And let’s be real, sorting through all these potential suitors can feel like a part-time job.

Imagine sifting through thousands of messages on online dating platforms. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but the haystack is made of dudes.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. When a woman says, “I have a boyfriend,” it’s not always about her actual relationship status. Nope, it’s become a reflex—a quick way to weed out the contenders.

Think of it as her secret weapon. She’s not just saying it randomly; she’s using it to filter out the guys who lack the right moves. You know, the ones who stumble over their words or don’t quite know how to sweep her off her feet.

For inexperienced guys, hearing this can be disheartening, but it’s actually a helpful filter. It signals to more experienced men that she’s looking for someone who knows how to engage with her, someone who can charm and have fun with her.

This reflexive response isn’t meant to be dismissive or rude; it’s simply a defense mechanism that allows her to focus her time and energy on men who are more likely to be a good fit.

It’s also important to note that this behavior is not the norm; most women are open and friendly, and it’s rare to encounter someone who is consistently unfriendly from the start.

She’s exploring

When a woman mentions she has a boyfriend, it’s not necessarily a definitive stop sign. It could simply be her way of being upfront and honest about her current relationship status, clearing the air so there are no misunderstandings.

However, it’s also a subtle indication that she might be open to something more, especially if you’re interested in pursuing her romantically or even sexually.

For some women, having a boyfriend doesn’t necessarily mean they are closed off to other experiences.

They might still be open to casual relationships or flings, even if they are committed in a serious relationship.

In this context, mentioning the boyfriend could be a way of setting boundaries, letting you know that while she’s interested in exploring something with you, it’s important to keep it casual and not develop deep feelings. This kind of arrangement is often kept secret to protect the primary relationship.

It’s entirely up to you what you want to do, but these are main reasons I’d like you to keep in your mind as to why a woman will actually tell you that she has a boyfriend.

Unlock the Strategies

What To Do When She Says She Has A Boyfriend

Don’t Take It at Face Value

When a woman says she has a boyfriend, it’s not always a clear-cut rejection. There could be various reasons behind her statement, and it’s essential to consider these before jumping to conclusions. One possibility is that she’s simply testing you, teasing you, or playing hard to get.

In some situations, such as in a noisy club, you might not have the opportunity to delve into the truth behind her words. In these cases, you’ll need to assess other factors.

Is she giving off other signals that suggest she’s genuinely in a relationship? Is she cold or distant when she mentions her boyfriend, indicating that she’s trying to shut you down? If so, it’s probably best to respect her boundaries and move on.

However, if she remains warm, flirty, or physically close to you after mentioning her boyfriend, it could indicate a different intention.

She might be letting you know that she’s in a relationship but is open to some level of flirtation or interaction. This could be her way of testing your reaction or even flirting with you in a playful manner.

It’s important to pay attention to her body language and tone when she mentions her boyfriend. If she seems genuinely interested in you despite mentioning her relationship status, it could be a sign that she’s looking for something more than a platonic interaction.

Ultimately, the key is to be respectful of her boundaries and intentions, while also being open to the possibility that her mention of a boyfriend might not be a definitive rejection.

Remain Confident

When a woman mentions she has a boyfriend, it can be a bit disheartening. It might feel like an instant rejection, making us wonder if we’re not good enough or attractive enough.

But here’s the thing: her mentioning a boyfriend doesn’t necessarily mean she’s not interested in you. It could be a test, a way to gauge your reaction or see how confident you are.

So, when you hear those words, don’t let it throw you off. Stay relaxed and composed. Take a moment to process what she said, but don’t dwell on it.

Remember, it’s not a reflection of your worth as a person. You’re just as valuable whether she’s single or not.

Instead of immediately responding, take a brief pause. This shows that you’re thoughtful and not rattled by her statement.

Stay calm and collected, and don’t let any negative thoughts creep in. Keep the interaction light and positive.

Assess the situation. Is she mentioning her boyfriend in a casual, friendly manner, or is she using it as a clear signal to back off? If she’s still engaging with you, showing interest, or maintaining a flirtatious vibe, it could be her way of keeping the conversation fun and playful.

Above all, maintain your confidence. Believe in yourself and your worth. Whether she has a boyfriend or not, your value doesn’t diminish. Stay confident, stay positive, and keep the interaction respectful and enjoyable.

Decide Your Next Step

Once you’ve processed her statement about having a boyfriend, it’s time to decide your next step. Consider the factors and signs you’ve gathered from the interaction. Is it worth pursuing her despite her mentioning a boyfriend? Is she playing a game, or is there a genuine interest from her side?

If she’s in a committed relationship and not looking to stray, investing your time and emotions might not be the best idea. However, there are situations where she might be unhappy in her current relationship but not ready to end it. In such cases, she might be open to some light-hearted fun and flirtation.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. You know yourself and what you’re looking for. If pursuing her aligns with your goals and values, then go for it. But if you feel like it’s not worth the potential complications, it’s perfectly okay to step back and focus your attention elsewhere. Remember, you’re in control of your own dating journey, so trust your instincts and make the choice that feels right for you.

Acknowledge & Move On

If you’re convinced that she genuinely has a boyfriend and you’re not interested in pursuing a complicated or potentially misleading situation, it’s best to acknowledge her statement and gracefully move on. You can continue the conversation in a friendly and respectful manner.

It’s important to respect her relationship and her boundaries. Continuing to pursue her despite her commitment to someone else is not only disrespectful to her but also unfair to yourself.

There are plenty of other women out there who are single and looking to meet someone new.

Take her “No, thank you” as a sign to respectfully bow out and shift your focus to finding someone who is available and interested in getting to know you.

Remember, there are many women out there who would be happy to go on a date with you, so don’t dwell on this one rejection. Keep an open mind and continue your search for a meaningful connection elsewhere.

Continue Flirting

If you’re in it for some casual fun and not looking for anything serious, then whether she has a boyfriend or not might not be a dealbreaker.

If she’s flirting back, responding positively to your advances, and seems open to some playful interaction, then why not continue flirting?

If she’s enjoying the banter and seems interested in some light-hearted fun, then go ahead and enjoy the moment.

What To Say If She Says She Has A Boyfriend?

When a girl tells you she has a boyfriend, how you respond can make a big difference.

When a woman says she has a boyfriend, don’t lose your cool. Stay confident and keep the mood light. If you don’t get upset by her saying no, it shows you’re confident.

And if you can laugh it off, it proves you’re easygoing and fun. Both are good qualities that women like.

Keep in mind that women might not be accustomed to facing rejection or having the tables turned, so when you respond in a way they don’t expect, it can really make an impression.

However, it’s essential to respect her boundaries and not be too pushy. If she says she has a boyfriend, you can still test the waters with some flirty comments, but be ready to gracefully exit the conversation if she’s not interested.

When a girl says, “I have a boyfriend”, it’s best to acknowledge it. But don’t let it discourage you. Maybe she has one, maybe not. That’s why it’s important to continue flirting and conversing with humor.

  • “Hey, don’t get ahead of yourself. We’re just friends.”
  • “He’s real? Not just in your imagination?”
  • “Well, where is he?”
  • “Wow, you’re so aggressive.”
  • “Yeah, I’m sorry to hear that.”
  • “Okay, so well keep this secret between us.”
  • “Is he treating you well?”
  • “How long have you had that problem?”
  • “Well, that’s a surprise.”
  • “Poor guy.”
  • “Is it serious?”
  • “Even though you do, you don’t mind if I get your number/socials?”
  • “I’ll catch you around”

If talking face to face, deliver it humorly. If through messages, use emojis to lighten the delivery. If you deliver these lines, the result should be a combination of shock and smile not annoyance.

If she’s a little bitchy, or in a way telling you to go away, here are some lines you could say. It’s best to leave her alone after these lines.

  • “What does that even mean?”
  • “I’m not sure what you’re getting at, but I’m not really asking.”
  • “You’re making things weird.”
  • “Okay? What does it have to do with anything?”
  • “Okay, that’s weird.”
  • “Okay, I guess.”

After delivering your response, you can act slightly weirded out, shaking your head or giving her a funny look. Even rolling your eyes if needed.

Or sometimes silence and flirty eye contact do wonders too.

Then smoothly transition to another topic and continue flirting and teasing. Or politely end the conversation.

It’s important to respect her decision and not press her further if she’s not interested. Leaving her alone and wishing her a good day is the respectful and mature way to handle the situation.

Try It Now

If you still want to “win” over a girl who has a boyfriend, here are some steps that you can take: How To Get A Girl Who Has A Boyfriend


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