What Is The Friendzone?

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What does it mean to be friend zoned

Ever been madly crazy about a girl? You think about her all day and night. You believe she’s the one for you. Great feeling, right?

So you try to impress her, make her laugh, and show how much you care. With all that effort, she’ll surely see what a great guy you are, right? But, no.

You try to hold her hand, but she moves it away. You try to put your arms around her waist just like couples do, but she only gives you a friendly hug. You try to ask her out on a date, but she says she’s too busy or tells you she’ll think about it but never gets back into it.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might be in the friendzone.

The Common Definition of the Friend Zone

The friendzone is when you have a crush on a girl, but she does not like you back. The friendzone is when you like a female friend who only sees you as a friend

She only sees you as a friend and nothing more. She does not feel the same way as you do and only wants to be friends.

What Exactly Is A Friendzone?

The friendzone is a light, indirect rejection from women. Being put in the friendzone means a woman doesn’t see you as a lover. She doesn’t see you in a romantic or sexual way. She doesn’t deem you worthy of being with her.

And if you try to pursue her even after being friend zone, It can lead to being toyed with. Strung along like a puppet.

Are you in the friendzone? Many men have been there. It can be frustrating, painful, and it sucks. Really sucks.

It hurts to see the girl you like treat you like a friend or a brother while she dates those other guys. I mean, what does she see in them, right? You’re the one that appreciates her, yet she can’t see that.

Signs that you are in the friend zone

How do you know if you are friendzoned

You get mixed signals

You see, sometimes, these girls will still hang out with you.

I got friendzoned before, and some girls even held my hand and snuggled under a blanket.

I thought we were just friends. But why is she giving me hope?

I tried to go in for a kiss, yet they pulled back. And they didn’t say anything when I asked them to be my girlfriend. What is that?

That, my friend, is what we call mixed signals.

Mixed signals are when a girl acts like she likes you but then rejects you or avoids commitment.

Mixed signals are when a girl gives you hope but then crushes it. Mixed signals are when a girl plays with your feelings but then acts like nothing happened.

This is why the friendzone is not just being stuck as a friend.

Some girls might enjoy your attention and want to make someone else jealous or boost their own ego. Some girls might be confused or influenced by others or not know what they want.

You don’t get sex

The friendzone is when a woman doesn’t want to have sex with you or be involved with you in any way.

Even just as being friends.

She may reject you, ignore you, and even toy with you just because she doesn’t see you that way.

She may tell you she misses you. But no, she won’t come over… and have sex with you.

She flirts and teases you, but no, she won’t even give you a kiss.

She invites you to her place. You think you’re going to score, but no, she just wants some help moving stuff.

You are getting toyed

There’s no such thing as a friendzone. You are being rejected. Do you want to be friends with a woman who rejected you?

Suppose she wants to have sex with you. It’ll be easy.

And if you’re getting mixed signals from a girl and not getting sex, she’s toying with you. And that’s worse than being in the friendzone.

Take this for example…

Mark has feelings for his friend Sarah but when he tells her, she says she only sees him as a friend.

Despite this, Sarah keeps turning to Mark for emotional support, even talking to him about her dating life and the other guys she’s been talking to and seeing. Imagine what Mark feels like, right?

How about this…

Alex has been friends with Jamie for years and has developed feelings for her. When Alex finally gathers the courage to confess. Jamie kindly explains she only sees him as a friend.

Despite this, Jamie continues to rely on Alex for companionship, often inviting him to parties, seeking VIP passes through his connections, and even expecting him to pay for drinks and food.

Anyone would get frustrated when they’re only talking to you because of your social benefits and financial support.

So hey. If you got friendzoned, end it. Just stop.

You don’t want to talk to a woman who will treat you that way. Why? You don’t want to turn to being her toy.

Don’t let her take advantage of you or manipulate you. Don’t let her use you as a backup plan or a shoulder to cry on. Don’t let her treat you like a boyfriend without being your girlfriend.

Don’t let her get away with inconsistent or disrespectful behavior. Respect yourself, and demand respect from her.

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Wrap Up

When you’re stuck in the friendzone, you don’t really become her friend. You’re just another guy who is waiting for a chance that will never come.

She doesn’t see you as a lover or see you in any sexual way. She sees you as a brother, a buddy, or a backup plan.

If a woman rejects your feelings or does not want to be with you, then move on.

Don’t beg, or plead, or wait for her to change her mind. Accept her decision, and find someone else who appreciates you. Don’t stay and let her string you along.

Pursue other girls and move on with your life. You will find someone better who appreciates you and treats you well.

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