How Can Average Guys Get Girls And Dates

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how can average looking guys manage to get dates

Can an average-looking guy get girls, a date, or even a girlfriend?

Getting dates and attracting women might seem impossible when you feel like you’re just an average guy.

You’re not ugly, but you’re not the kind of guy they seem to go for either. It’s frustrating to see guys who are also average or even jerks getting all the attention.

Why do women overlook nice guys like you?

When we talk about being an average, regular guy, what does that really mean?

Maybe you’re not ripped or athletic, but you’re not out of shape either. Your girl friends might say you’re like a 6, maybe even a little better on a good day. Perhaps you have a regular 9-to-5 job, you’re a regular employee without the flashy money or high position to impress people.

Butt that’s it though. You might feel like you have nothing particularly impressive to offer, no flashy cars or big promotions to show off.

If you’ve struggled to get women or even a date because you think you’re the average regular guy, you’re not alone.

You’ve probably tried every dating app and website, expanded your search radius, and swiped right on almost everyone, but still no luck. What’s going wrong?

How are average-looking men supposed to meet women?

Average guys can improve their dating success by focusing on self-improvement and realistic expectations. Tips include working on appearance, avoiding desperation, and approaching women confidently. They should also seek experience gradually and stay persistent. The key is to be genuine, confident, and willing to learn from each interaction.

If you’re feeling this way, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll explore why this might be happening and provide you with tips on how you can improve your dating game and attract the women you want.

How Ordinary Regular Guys Can Attract Women and Land Dates

how can ordinary regular guys get hot women and girls

Looks matter

Looks do matter; they’re the foundation of attraction. It’s often the first thing we notice about someone.

While it may seem superficial, it’s a natural part of human nature. Just as we find beautiful women attractive, women also base part of their attraction on looks.

However, as regular, average guys, can we do anything to adjust our looks? Surprisingly, yes, we can.

This doesn’t mean you need drastic measures like surgery. It simply means being well-groomed and presenting yourself well.

Here are the basics to look presentable even before you get out of your house: How to look presentable to women

There are basic things you can do to immediately level up and get girls to notice you. Consider hitting the gym. If you’re scrawny, overweight, or just average, a few months of regular exercise can make a noticeable difference. You don’t need to be ripped; you just need to be more than average.

Improving your wardrobe can also make a big difference. Perhaps your clothes are outdated or don’t fit well. Even the way you walk and carry yourself can affect how others perceive you.

A few accessories can show a lot about your personality: How peacocking can make women interested in you

However, looks can only take you so far.

What you do after the initial attraction based on your looks is what truly matters.

Focus on building substance, chemistry, and showcasing your personality. These are the things that will keep her interested in the long run.

Level up

If you want to attract attractive women, you have to work on yourself.

Even if you consider yourself average, there will be girls attracted to you, but you have to level up. You don’t need surgery for a handsome face; you need to be the best version of yourself.

Work on your looks, status, lifestyle, skills, personality, confidence, and charisma.

It may be challenging, but you have to start somewhere.

Focus on being awesome, kind, respectful, self-confident, charming, funny, reliable, decent, attentive, and interesting.

Even if you don’t see immediate progress, remember that improvement is about consistency. It’s a continuous process of progress and growth.

Start by reading books, watching videos, or listening to podcasts to improve your mindset and overall self.

Aim to be intellectually, emotionally, and financially attractive.

Improvement in many aspects of your life will contribute to your overall attractiveness.

Get out of the house

If all you do is work and go home, you’re unlikely to meet women.

It’s okay to go out alone; while having a wingman can be great, don’t let it stop you from going out regularly. Being by yourself can help you understand your limits and how to overcome them.

Put yourself out there by finding hobbies and interests that gets you out of the house.

If you’re into gaming, that’s fine, but consider allocating some of that time to other interests that allow you to meet more people.

Ask yourself: What can you do for fun outside the house that also lets you expand your social circle? It requires an investment of time and effort, but the results can be rewarding.

Set expectations

It’s important not to have unrealistic standards when it comes to dating.

Don’t expect to be dating A-list celebrities or women who fit specific physical ideals. Do you only go for women with pretty faces, big tits, and huge asses? Don’t expect that you’ll get one if you can’t give anything in return.

If a woman looks great, there’s a high chance she’s already in a relationship. Getting upset or feeling rejected when this happens can lead to frustration.

You shouldn’t expect to meet women who will fulfill every desire or fantasy. Do you want a girlfriend that will suck your cock all the time? Or maybe a girl that praises you, is obsessed with you, is addicted to you? Damn, do you want to be a cult leader or something?

It’s crucial to treat women like people, not just objects of desire. Not just some hole for you to bang. And even act like a nice guy just to get to smash.

Expand your horizons and talk to women of various backgrounds and interests.

Focus on genuine interest, rather than solely on physical appearance or unrealistic expectations.

Approach women

Approaching women is essential if you want to meet someone special.

You may have tried improving yourself in various ways, but if you’re not talking to women, you’re missing out on potential connections.

Meeting women is easier than you think because they’re everywhere—bookstores, coffee shops, malls.

The key is to approach women confidently. Start a conversation, make them laugh, and show them your personality. Flirting is an important skill to master, as is keeping their interest once you’ve got it.

It can feel like a lot of work, especially when it seems like women are just waiting for men to make the first move.

Remember, you’re not a character in a movie; you need to take the initiative. Be proactive and engage with women—you might be surprised at the results.

Avoid relying on dating apps

Relying solely on dating apps may not be the most effective way to meet women.

While these apps offer convenience, they only represent a small percentage of the female population in your city.

In contrast, you’ll find women everywhere you go—whether it’s at the mall, bus stop, road, parking lot, or cafes.

These real-life interactions present numerous opportunities to strike up a conversation.

Get to talk to women you bump into day to day: How to meet women in real life.

One issue with dating apps is that women often receive an overwhelming number of messages, leading to high standards and many matches being ignored.

They may only respond to a select few, typically those who stand out in terms of looks or other superficial qualities.

Competing in this arena can be challenging, especially if you’re just starting.

It’s essential to start with real interactions, where you can immediately engage with women and receive genuine feedback.

While it may be intimidating and you may face rejection, these real-life interactions offer valuable experiences and opportunities for improvement.

Start with women you can approach in person, and use these interactions to hone your skills and confidence.

Don’t be desperate

It’s important not to come across as desperate when trying to attract women.

If you’ve been dateless or lack experience with relationships, it can be tough. I’ve been there myself, feeling like I might end up a 40-year-old virgin. However, it worked out in my case after a long, hard battle.

Women can often sense if you’re inexperienced, but you can work on this by adopting a confident mindset.

Even if you haven’t had many relationships, you can project an image of someone who has.

Think of yourself as a confident man who doesn’t rely on women for happiness, but rather adds to your already fulfilling life.

Desperation can lead to needy, clingy behavior, which is unattractive.

When talking to a girl, remain relaxed and avoid appearing too eager.

Make her smile and laugh, but don’t overdo it. Treat her like you would any other person.

Your body language should also reflect this; avoid facing her directly all the time, and feel free to engage with others around you.

In your interactions, try not to show excessive attraction. Women can pick up on this, and it can put them on guard.

For example, when texting, avoid being overly affectionate or texting too frequently.

Keep the balance between showing interest and maintaining your independence and self-respect.

Gain dating experience

When it comes to gaining dating experience, it can be beneficial to start with women who are of similar attractiveness to you.

This doesn’t mean these women are unattractive; it simply means you’re starting at a level where you’re more likely to succeed and gain valuable experience.

There’s nothing wrong with aiming high and being attracted to women who are considered 9s or 10s.

But if you’re lacking experience, it might be wise to start with more attainable goals.

By interacting with women who are interested in you and learning what works and what doesn’t, you can gain valuable experience.

Start by trying to get women interested in you, whether it’s through conversation, flirting, or other means.

As you gain experience and become more comfortable, you can gradually aim for slightly more attractive women.

Maybe try to make out with a girl, then progress to having sex. Then hooking up, having a one-night stand, getting a girlfriend. Or having a friends with benefits situation.

By gradually building up your experiences, you’ll become more confident and skilled in your interactions with women.

The key is to start small, build your confidence, and gradually work your way up to more challenging interactions.

Stay hungry and consistent

To succeed in dating, it’s crucial to stay hungry and consistent.

Some guys give up too easily, thinking they don’t deserve attractive women or lowering their standards unnecessarily.

While it’s okay to reassess your standards occasionally, settling for less than what you want shouldn’t be the norm.

Having the drive to strive for more is essential. This hunger keeps you motivated and pushing forward towards your goals.

When you experience small successes, don’t let them make you complacent. Instead, strive for consistency.

Regularly dating attractive women should be your aim, and you should keep pursuing this goal until you can do it effortlessly.

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